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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 19, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it is 11:00, do you know where your children are? >> you have to call the cops on the cost. >> tonight it is as bad as it gets, a city officer is accused of running drug deals. the soundtrack of a baltimore edition is not supposed in this way. you just watch combat hospital, that is a tv show, this is real. abc2 works with you. abc2 news starts right now. now, abc2 news at 11:00. on one had, they are getting drugs off the streets, but on the other, are they putting them back on the streets? a police officer is accused of running a big heroine to bring. >> business has rattled the department. >> the police department
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started the investigation against daniel redd after the allegations surfaced. daniel redd was approaching retirement, but now he can spend the rest of his life in prison. there is some comfort in knowing a police officer is your neighbor. that all changed today. >> it is sad you have to call the cops on the cop >>reporter: his home on shamrock avenue were 41 -year-old daniel redd lit and allegedly operated a heroine organization became part of a federal investigation. daniel redd was indicted in a grand jury -- grand jury on what four other civilians and faces life in prison. >> i hope that sends a very powerful message that if you carry a gun and deal drugs, whether you are a street corner check your police officer, you will be the link the term >>reporter: u.s. attorney for maryland says the investigation was initiated by the baltimore police department dating back to january. the 51 page indictment describes daniel redd acting as
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the drug ringleader as well as abdul zakaria. zakaria and others would get the drugs from it supplier in africa. got one of the most shocking details from the police department, investigators say that redd within his police car while doing a heroine transaction where he worked. >> it was beyond bold and totally undermines the trust that we work so hard every day to gain from people we serve. it undermines that trust and is an embarrassment for the police department >>reporter: no one answered at redd's home and neighbors were told to stay inside. investigators searched eight homes and three cars. >> they have been there for about number two hours and came out with about two boxes. >>reporter: there are hours of wiretaps and surveillance video from the police station showing evidence of the alleged drug
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operation, bold and one that stunned neighbors. >> digit the drug activity? >> nine, nothing. he was always by himself. he would be in uniform and go to work. >>reporter: tonight, redd is still in jail and having a earring on friday to see if you will be released before his trial. if you want to read the indictment, you can find it on our website at >> thank you. the heat is on in the city, a code red heat alert is sticking around until the end of the week. air pollution levels are getting code orange tomorrow. children, older adults and anyone with a heart or respiratory condition should take extra care. wyatt everhart is in the weather center right now. >> tomorrow will be a carbon copy of today, back in the mid- 90's we go. all the heat and humidity is fueling storms on and off all
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morning. is doomed in here because one storm is coming down i-195 a lot of lightning northeast of town with whitemarsh and as you come down into the city towards canton and then another storm splitting off firing up along mays chapel. there are some storms to be had tonight. the other story is that we are still near 90. tomorrow we go into the mid- 90's. that will be our coolest day for some time to come and the excessive heat watch goes of on thursday in from winston medal to ashford elementary, the southside academy, he made his life teaching baltimore beautiful music. the way he died, it hurts even worse. here is christian schaffer tonight. >>reporter: had 40 years teaching jazz to students, just a few years away from
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retirement, but he struck and killed by a man driving a stolen car >>reporter: of music inspired by dave wendell harrison lives on. that is him on the keyboard in the back. >> he was so inspired by his work. he loved teaching music. >>reporter: they had lived next to him and his wife for more than 20 years. >> their children and his band, they loved him, because he would not let them miss a note. they would practice until they had it perfect. and. >>reporter: harrison taught jazz in city schools for nearly 40 years, most recently at southside academy. early saturday morning, it stolen car struck his band. police say the car had been
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stolen about 3 miles away on liberty heights avenue. >> i could not believe it. i had to talk to him >>reporter: he had just turned 60 years old last week. >> he was a great guy. >>reporter: he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and worry about crime in the city, the innocent victim and the loved ones they left behind. >> i am sure the police are doing the best job they can do. i just don't know. is sure is a bad situation. >> harrison is survived by his wife and two children. they have a person of interest in connection with the crash but no charges have been filed. new tonight, you did not know if you were causing the
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ford avenue bridge or crooked planks that indiana jones was covering. people have been complaining about the bridge. lady joan said she would run naked if the bridge was not fixed. she can keep her clothes on. work on the bridge is supposed to begin next month. >> it is a peninsula, how are we going to get firetrucks in and out? they are concerned about noise and have a special provisions to deal with those. >> it will take about nine months to deal with the bridge. and you will have to follow the detroiters. >> they are about the ugliest fish around and are back tonight. they pulled a -- out on thursday it. the salt water of the chesapeake bay was thought it would keep it in the potomac
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river, but apparently not in there is concern there will be others. >> we assumed that it is very where to find only one snake at that is a very mature size and would be safe to assume there are others around and will continue sampling in an attempt to find more. >> the last was about 10 years ago. these are a big nuisance because they have no natural predators and can hurt the native fish population. they are so concerned that they put a bounty out on the fish now until the end of the gear. you can reported on the website and be entered to win a number of prizes. continuing coverage tonight, the firefighter who is battling to get custody of his children. the mother took them to trinidad and he has been fighting for more than a year to get them back. a judge granted him full custody of the children. the down side to all of this is that the judge has no jurisdiction in the case and
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dinners. >> we can see a bunch of different people that have actually done that and can see the pictures they have taken and are earning rewards for those every single time they do a check-in. if they had a bad experience, they can still publish that and still get paid >>reporter: you probably will not strike it rich. you only get about $0.80, but there are different prices for different products. >> the majority of our network a stay-at-home moms, college students, people who are passionate about social media that love to use there and twitter and looking to earn a couple extra dollars to. >>reporter: if you let the computer and want to make money on the site, why not? you might find a product that you really like. >> megan tells us that celebrities are in on this too. they will get big bucks for their postings and tweak. >> let's go right something
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about it. coming up, he is just a teenager but accused of the gruesome murder-- >> we will hear from the stunned family members. many of our troops returning start a new battle against post dramatic stress disorder. there are important tools in the palm of their hands. the president is said to hit our area while the first lady gets geared up for reality television. we will tell you when and where will we come right back in just 60 seconds. fee court is now comeuys. the jury has reached its decision. now, you guys found the other airline guilty of charging a 150-dollar change fee. you bet! southwest would never do that. and that was after she changed her flight and paid the difference in airfare. that other airline treated her wrong. she was understandably upset. well, who can afford a 150-dollar change fee? he was surprised with the verdict. you got that right. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees.
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tonight, the teen accused of killing his parents before then having a party with friends is being charged as an adult. if convicted he will not be eligible for the death penalty because of his age. family and friends of tyler hadley are opening up, their question, what drove him to pick beat his parents with a hammer and invite his friends
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over? >> a party at my place and posted it three or four times. >> we are trying to figure out why? why would he do it? >> his mother worked as an elementary schoolteacher and his dad was with the florida power and light company for  more than 30 years. investigators are working to determine a motive to. a protester rushed towards rupert murdoch today. the man tried to hit him with a shaving cream pie calling him a greedy billionaire. is white spring to action. he was unmoved i a string of apologies. >> this is the most humble day of my life. it is a great regret of mine and everyone at news corporation. >> they shut down their british tabloid after reports that employees illegally hacked into
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the voicemail of celebrities, politicians and a 13 -year-old murder victim. while that case is grabbing headlines worldwide, phone hacking is more common than you might think. you can help protect your personal information. mobile security experts say hundreds of thousands of phone users are falling victim as hackers begin to turn their attention to cell phones. >> people are realizing their phones or computers and the data on them has become digital currency. voice bill is one thing, but think about your location, your banking information, work information, corporate information, documents, that all is in incredibly valuable. >> the attackers are getting valuable information by contacting information into phone apps. be real cautious before downloading any phone applications. president barack obama is going to visit college park and
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hold a town hall meeting. he will be speaking at the colosseum. how many does it hold? 1200? we are told there will be a edited number of general admission ticket. we have not been told that the topic will be, but they are still in a deadlock day to the first lady is getting ready for her reality television debut. michelle obama went to north carolina on thursday for extreme makeover home edition. she is said to help build a playground and greenhouse at a community resource center for homeless female veterans. that will air with the first lady coming up in october and. a growing number of veterans are coming home with wounds that most people can see. they suffer from post dramatic stress disorder. we see that with a new act, it is helping them fight their
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daily battle. >> it is usually debris that really stands out, sometimes people drop stuff off the back of trucks and all of that. that really gets me, more alert as far as being as being on the side of the road. >> driving the shortest distances can trigger memories of his days in iraq. >> i parked on top of a pressure plate -- launch the vehicle about 2 feet in the air and ejected me from the vehicle. >>reporter: ivory, a navy veteran was a victim of ied blasts. he returned with shrapnel wounds and post dramatic stress disorder. a psychologist at the baltimore virginia medical center works with many veterans fighting ptsd. >> it is an exciting disorder,
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having difficulty concentrating, falling asleep, being overly watchful and the concerned about your safety. >>reporter: he is encouraged about a new tool giving hope to the hundreds of thousands of those living with this disorder. >> it is called the ptsd -- eight app developed to help the growing number of veterans with ptsd. >> what we learned from talking with veterans is more than anything, we wanted to have a tool that they could have on their phone that could help them with managing symptoms in the moment, when they were stressed >>reporter: she called the ptsd coach helps determine if a person should seek care. >> it provides a first level of information and education. >>reporter: the app that is available with users track and manage their symptoms and find support. it displays personal photos or plays a favorite tune in times of distress. >> how angry are you right now?
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>> a great thing about the app is a lot of skills i would teach in therapy are available. >> it allows you to figure out a way to help yourself outside of the doctor's process. it is proactive care. it is you being involved in your own treatment. >>reporter: the app is being promoted on the virginia facebook page and government websites. they say it doesn't replace professional treatment altogether. >> at the systems are high enough, we direct them to contact someone immediately and get them contact numbers to dial immediately. >> i have come -- from where i was and where i am now. every day is still a challenge and everyday i strive to find ways to better myself. >>reporter: last year alone than 400,000 vets receive treatment from the virginia for ptsd. since the app launched in april, it has been downloaded more than 14,000 times in 41 countries. for those that do not have a
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smartphone, the information in the app and he found online at we got ptsd >> the app is pretty easy to use and can learn more about ptsd or assess where you are in terms of taking assessment tests to determine your level and needs, tracking your history and scheduling assessment. you will find better ways to manage her situation and different things that work best like if music helps you or all type of things whether you are angry. it gives you easy access to professional care. now, marilyn's most popular -- popular doppler radar and is forecast certified most accurate. pretty active evening i marilyn's most top radar, one
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renegade shower here in heavier thundershowers and splits off. some of the energy comes on which is down through -- into mount washington. it depends on where you borrow watching from. there is a lot of lightning in galena. it will be quiet down for the rest of the night. at the temperatures are 78 now. that is not too bad, 87% humidity at the moment. it will stay muddy the next several days and the heat will really begin to ratchet up soon. 90 by today, the old record 103 from 1930 and will be closer to some of those record levels by thursday, friday and saturday, i think. look at the storms as they rumbled through dousing our weather next camera and get some late day clearing and the same thing, the brief downpour and then we see a few storm clouds on the
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horizon as things clear out late tonight. 95 for a high today at the airport and most spots across the state of maryland, well north of 90 degrees and one exception in the very high country. humidity is very high tonight. as a result, the heat index value, what it feels like, doesn't change a lot and killed near like 90 . it is all feeling close to 90 with the humidity. we have to deal with some code orange bad air quality tomorrow afternoon and they get into thursday where we push -- it could be an excessive heat warning thursday, friday and saturday. what we are really watching is best to the west, a gigantic area of high pressure. this is a hot hermas. it will fight steadily eastward and will not make it full presence felt until thursday afternoon but will crank up the
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heat. the humidity is already in place. this will add heat to the moisture mba miserable setup for a couple of afternoons. there will be isolated pop-up showers runs the next couple of days. speaking of storms come the second one of the season, it looks like it will continue -- overnight, 76, steamy. it gives you an idea of what is coming. 75 tomorrow night and here is the outlook. close to 100 on saturday. >> all right. a seven-game losing streak against the red sox is over. the orioles beat the red sox tonight, 6-2, 32,000 out there to see them strike early. he held on.
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derrek lee went back to back. this is a wednesday matinee tomorrow. congratulations jay to the rising seniors selected to pay and under armour all-american baseball at wrigley field. >> congratulations. you might not be getting the right count when it comes to calories. >> we will bring you some of the biggest offenders. here is a look at what is on tonight. coming up on nightline, black news right than billions, but the powerful murdoch family is called to a count in a media scandal. demon possession, we are taking you to a church well a radical pastor cast out evil spirits. that is coming up on nightline right after abc2 news at 11:00. another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7.
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so like say you need to report a claim, alright. a real person will be there to help you. then you can use to view photos of the damage, track your claim, print an estimate. you want an english muffin? they literally hand you a toasted muffin with butter and jam. (sigh) whaa. tasty. that's, that's a complete dramatization of course, but you get my point. vo: geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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we know where casey anthony is. at the kentucky state fair, -- and attraction at the dunking booth. they had set up a casey anthony
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dunking booth that you can throw innocent or guilty target. she is giving fairgoers a chance to blow up a little steam. many restaurants put calorie counts on their menus and let you know just how healthy or unhealthy the meal is. we learn many are incorrect. eight study was done and don't one in five restaurant dishes at 100 or more calories than listed. the worst offenders were to pull to mexican grill, olive garden, boston market and outback steakhouse. scientists found that sitdown restaurants were more likely to have an accurate readings because the chefs usually estimate the ingredients. >> a some-- >> i was going to say keep an eye on the list. we had a beautiful shot tonight. this is what i took. the weather was beautiful, unbelievably cool and not
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humid. look at this, tomorrow, 94 and will be the coolest day for a long while. it will get hot starting thursday. enjoy tomorrow. >> we would be right back after break. hello parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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your kids are going to climb rope. they're going to have a year long tug war with the ceiling. and by the time they get out of 8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need:
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storm free tomorrow but the heat comes on with the next few days. we will be around 100 for thursday, friday and saturday. >> all right. >> we will see you tomorrow. >> have a good night. [ bailiff ] fee court is now in session.
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[ latosha ] here are the facts... mr. lambert here was trying to go home for valentine's day. got sick and had to change flights. he paid the difference in airfare. but the other airline...
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...smacked him with a 150-dollar fee just to change. 150 bucks. change fee. that's double-dipping. who can afford surprises like that? why does he hate travelers so much?! so what do you think? guilty! stick a fork in him. case closed, honey. [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees.


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